Which are the differences between Opus Domini and Opus Domini Lite?

Our Lite version limits some features, such as the number of tasks and goals that can be entered. And it doesn't provide a Monthly Planner View.

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-Do I have to buy separate versions for my Mac, iPad & iPhone?

Some of us own & use Opus Domini in all three - Mac, iPad & iPhone /iPod – but some others don’t, and we didn’t want anyone to be paying for things they will not use. Therefore we offer three different paid versions and two lite/free apps so you will only buy what you need, nothing more. Especially considering that our App was designed for Mac & iPad. As requested, we do offer an iPhone-only version, yet due to the small screen size many features were left out - planner views & subtasks are not be available in the iPhone regardless of the version you own – and so this app comes with a reduced price tag.

-Which apps do I need to buy to sync my Mac, iPad & iPhone?

In order to sync those three you will need to buy Opus Domini for Mac & Opus Domini Mobile Pro. You will be able to download Opus Domini Mobile Pro on your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch with the same purchase. Just keep in mind that some features like the Planner Views and Subtasks will not be available in the iPhone & iPod due to the small screen size.

-Which are the available languages?

Tabs, Quotes, Menus & Help Files are only available in English. Day Names, Week Start Calendar & Planner will be shown according to the “Region” settings on your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. And, we plan to add more languages later on.

-Will I have to enter all my Calendar Appointments again?

As long as you allow Opus Domini access to your Calendars, all entries from your “Calendar” will be imported.”

-Does Opus Domini syncs with Google Calendars?

Yes, Opus Domini syncs with your Google Calendars using the “Calendar” App – with the exception of Google Delegate Calendars. If you need assistance with the set up click here or contact support@piso13.com.

-Does Opus Domini syncs with Reminders?

Currently none of our available apps sync with Reminders.

-What are the differences between the Lite & Pro versions?

On the Mac Lite version: The number of Daily Tasks, Master Tasks & Goals that can be entered is limited. And if used together with Opus Domini Mobile, Mobile Pro or Mobile Pro for iPhone your Calendar Schedule will be available on all devices but tasks, notes and other kind of entries will not be synced. As for the mobile version, on the lite side you get: - Only 2 tabs (instead of six) - The Event Planner and the Master Planner will not be available. And when used together with other versions of Opus Domini you will not be able to sync tasks & notes. Only your Calendar Schedule will be synced.

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