Opus Domini

for iPhone


Opus Domini is as easy as writing a list on paper, but powerful enough to get you where you want to go.


Instead of getting frustrated with endless task lists, our planner views will ensure no overbooking, completed items will keep you motivated and information on uncompleted tasks and goals will help you make adjustments & reach your goals.


Download now, make plans schedule time for them & complete your goals while keeping up with your everyday tasks.


Sync your Mac, iPad & iPhone.


Even if your Mac is your main work tool and your iPad is your best companion - sometimes you need something lighter and quick.   Opus Domini Mobile Pro for iPhone syncs with your Mac and/or iPad and will give your  a quick on-the-go version of your scheduled events, tasks  lists, grocery shopping list, notes and more - on your phone.


- Download things from the web at work

- Write a shopping list on your MacBook

- Write notes from a meeting or interview on an iPad

- Save your exercise routine

- Share a calendar with someone


And find all of this and more on Opus Domini for iPhone as you go.


So whether you need to manage a multinational business or your home life Opus Domini gives you the possibility to keep at the top of your game while keeping up with your daily routine.  Download now,  start focusing your energy on  today's tasks, record your thoughts and remember:   You don't need to keep everything in mind, just keep Opus Domini beside.

Easy Use, Powerful Tools.


As easy to use as a paper planner, with all the advantages of technology:


- Calendar events are automatically synced

- Prioritize your tasks using the ABC/123s.

- Separate lists so you can focus on what needs to be done today.

- If you need a reminder schedule a task the way you will do an Event - simply drag from the list to the day's schedule.

- Need to arrange? Drag and drop to a new place.

- Keep tasks with no due date on a separate list - and concentrate on what needs to be done today.

- A variety of repeating rules for both tasks and events.

- Keep track of weekly milestones or long term goals - with the personal growth sections

- Add items from Mail.

- Search and more.

Repeating Tasks the Way they are Meant to Be.


- Customizable rules for repeating tasks

- Tasks can be set to repeat as you wish:  daily, every Monday & Friday, every month on the 17th & 25th , on the fourth Thursday of each month, quarterly and even once every four years!

- All the information & notes will be shown on each and every repeat.

- Overdue repeats will appear in red until the next due date

- Once the next recurrence is due - any overdue task will disappear (not duplicates and no need to delete)

- You will also be able to change the due date for one instance or all of the future repeats.

- And best of all! Every recurrent event  will be shown, not just the first - as other apps do.  Because you can't really plan what you cannot see.

Work Smarter, not Harder !


- Schedules will automatically sync with Calendar App..

- Overdue tasks will automatically forward to the next day

- Drag & drop to reprioritize tasks, assign them to other dates & reschedule appointments.

- Set time apart for a specific task simply by dragging the task to the schedule.

- Set custom repeating rules for tasks & events.

- Send tasks to another with just a drag.

- Go back to "Today" with a single click.  Or to any specific date with a few more.

- Keep years of data and ideas at hand - and use the search button to browse them.

Its Time to Work on Your Goals.


With Opus Domini you will find time for anything you set your mind to plus the weekly milestones and information on uncompleted items will help avoid frustration and reach your goals.


- Write down your long term goals

- Keep track of your progress

- Set weekly milestones

- Forward uncompleted items

- Analyze what prevented you from reaching a weekly goal

- Use this information to make the necessary adjustments

- Avoid frustration and reach your goals.

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